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Councillors expenses

Councillors expenses

All elected members serving on North Lincolnshire Council are entitled to claim allowances. There are rules and standards that govern how much can be paid and in what circumstances.

The council's approved members' allowances scheme for 2015/2016 is set out below: 

Special Responsibility Allowance


Leader of the Council



Deputy Leader of the Council                                                      






Cabinet Members (x 6)



Chairman of Planning Committee



Chairman of Licensing Committee



Chairman of Scrutiny Panels (x 4)



Leader of Minority Group



Chairman of Audit Committee



Deputy Mayor



Deputy Leader of Minority Group



Vice Chairman of Planning Committee



Vice Chairman of Licensing Committee



Vice Chairman of Scrutiny Panels (x 4)



Lead Members (x 11)



Appeals Committee

£253 per annum


Co-optees Allowance

£42.00 per meeting attended


Basic Allowance




The dependants' carers allowance (including child care) will no longer be included in the scheme


(1) Mileage Rates

Travel to be paid at the following approved Her Majesty's Revenue and Custom (HMRC) rates:

Cars - 45p per mile

Motorcycles - 24p per mile

An additional 5p per mile can be claimed in respect of each passenger carried to whom a travelling allowance would otherwise be paid.

A maximum of 5,000 miles has been set as eligible for claim.  Any mileage incurred by members in the course of their duties, including meetings where members are representing North Lincolnshire Council's interests, which involves travelling outside the boundary of North Lincolnshire will not count against the maximum amount of mileage claimable.

In addition, the actual cost of tolls, ferries and parking fees may be claimed. Receipts, must be provided. Discounted Humber Bridge tickets are available from the Political Group Offices and should be used.

(2) Public Transport

If you are using public transport for journeys out of the council's area you may use standard class travel only. Wherever possible travel arrangements should be pre-booked in advance in order to allow better access to discounts. Only as a last resort should warrants for rail travel be used. These can be obtained through the group office. Receipts or used tickets (train tickets tube fare tickets etc) should be retained and produced as receipts. The reimbursement of public transport costs is not taxable or subject to NI contributions.

(3) Hired transport

If you wish to hire a vehicle, please contact your group PA who will ensure that the best possible rates are obtained.

(4) Bicycle - Travel to be paid at the approved HMRC rate of 20p per mile.

(5) Subsistence

Subsistence allowances will no longer be included in the member allowance scheme and members will not therefore be able to claim.

(6) Overnight rates

Actuals, claimed to a maximum of:





Out of pocket expenses

£4.39 per night

Overseas allowance

£20.50 per night

Accommodation should be pre booked by group office staff in order for the council to reclaim VAT and take advantage of discounts.

Previous years claims

Details of claims made by councillors in previous years are also available:

Members' expenses claimed for 2015/2016 [PDF, 246Kb]

Members' expenses claimed for 2014/2015 [PDF, 107Kb]   
Members' expenses claimed for 2013/2014 [PDF, 110Kb]

Members' expenses claimed for 2012/2013 [PDF, 104Kb]

Members' expenses claimed for 2011/2012 [PDF, 93Kb]

Members' expenses claimed for 2010/2011 [PDF, 89Kb]

Members' expenses claimed for 2009/2010 [PDF, 91Kb]

Members' expenses claimed for 2008/2009 [PDF, 84Kb]

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Last updated: 07/08/2017
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