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Could you adopt?

Outstanding adoption service is looking for adoptive parents – is that you?

13 October 2017

North Lincolnshire Council’s Adoption Team is looking for adoptive parents and is raising awareness throughout Adoption Week (16 to 22 October 2017).

In the latest Ofsted inspection on the council’s Children Services the Adoption Team was rated ‘outstanding’ for their performance, offering 'a service that is highly effective' with the support offered to children and adopters 'a real strength'.

We are looking for people who can make a real difference to the children we care for.

This national Adoption Week there is a focus on adopting sibling groups. Figures from First4Adoption show that nearly two thirds of children awaiting adoption in Yorkshire and Humber are in sibling groups.

However, in North Lincolnshire we are not only looking for adoptive parents for sibling groups we are looking for adoptive parents to adopt children of all ages, whether that is a single child or siblings.

We would also really like to hear from people who can consider early permanence. This is where prospective adopters are able to care for a very young child while the courts reach a decision about who will care for them in the long term. If the courts decide that the plan should be adoption then the child would remain where they are and what it means for the child is less moves and a sense of stability and security from a very young age.

If you have ever thought about adopting, there isn’t a better time than Adoption Week to take your first steps towards changing a child’s life.

An information event is being held on Thursday 19 October at the Learning Development Centre, Enderby Road in Scunthorpe from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. Go along and speak to our friendly Adoption Team, ask any questions you have about adoption and find out if adoption is for you.

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ adopter and we celebrate people who have different experiences and different things to offer. No child is the same which is why we are searching for adopters who can consider children of different ages and with different needs.

If you are unsure whether you can adopt, take the interactive quiz at to find out.

Anyone aged 21 and over including married couples, couples living together in a stable relationship, same sex couples living together or in a civil partnership and single applicants can adopt.

We welcome interest from those who live in North Lincolnshire and outside of North Lincolnshire We do not discriminate on the grounds of age, class, culture, disability, race or sexual orientation.

You can contact the Adoption Team on 01724 297024 or email adoption@northlincs.gov.uk

To keep up to date with what is happening throughout Adoption Week in North Lincolnshire like us on , follow us on and Instagram @northlincolnshirecouncil. Share your adoption stories using the hashtag #supportadoption.

Cllr David Rose, cabinet member for Children, Learning and Families, said:

“We know that making the decision to adopt is one of the biggest steps that anyone can take but it is also one of the most rewarding. We would like to hear from people who can offer time, commitment, patience and a loving and stable home.

“If you think it is time to adopt, speak to our Adoption Team They will be at the Learning Development Centre on Thursday 19 October from 5.30pm to 8.30pm or you can give them a call. They will be happy to talk you through the adoption process.”

More information events will be taking place at the Learning Development Centre in Scunthorpe from 5.30pm to 8.30pm on:

  • 7 November 2017

  • 10 January 2018

  • 14 February 2018

  • 14 March 2018

North Lincolnshire Council’s Children Services has shown continuous improvement and the current published data indicates that North Lincolnshire is performing better than national and statistical neighbour’s averages, ensuring that children are placed with their permanent family as soon as possible. North Lincolnshire Adoption service is child focused and committed to providing support to children and adopters throughout their adoption journey

Case Study

Samantha and Tim from Scunthorpe started their adoption journey in 2014, they said:

“Making the decision to adopt was something we had thought about for a long, long time. We had seen stories which talked about adoptions that were difficult but we were also very fortunate to know personally many adoption stories, where it had worked very well.

“We entered our adoption journey feeling that our eyes were wide open. It was not going to be easy but then why should it be easy? We knew that we would be parenting and caring for children who had learnt from a young age that life can be tough. We knew that any child we parented would need lots of patience and that when we ran out of patience we would somehow have to find reserves of patience to fall back upon.

“When we were approved it felt an important milestone and we were supported by our social worker to continue to think about children and how we would meet those children’s needs.

“We knew we wanted to adopt siblings to keep children together and also to give slightly older children the family they deserve. 

“We adopted three brothers, all very different and with their own problems, but so important to each other.  Some days are hard and we do have a lot to deal with but the thing we always try to remember is that whatever the children are saying or whatever they do, they are just trying to tell us ‘I am scared’ and we know that we are the people who can help.  It’s important not to take some of what happens personally and remember that they are children who have been taught that adults cannot always be trusted. This makes us feel so sad but so protective as well. We know we have to stick at it and work at it and we are determined to do this, no matter what.

“We have had lots of support, but at the end of the day these are our children and it is up to us to do anything we can to help them form positive relationships and grow into happy and fulfilled adults.  We just want them to be happy.

“Despite all the difficult times the rewards are immense, they have made so much progress and make us proud every day.  They are bright, funny and have brought joy to our lives – and they are ours.”

First Published:13 October 2017