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New waste and recycling collection vehicles to help 'lighten our load'

New waste and recycling collection vehicles to help ‘lighten our load’

12 July 2018

The council is investing nearly £2m in 13 new waste collection vehicles to increase efficiency.
This forms part of the council’s drive to increase waste and recycling productivity and deliver a first class service to residents.
The council already has four of the new vehicles and will get the rest in the next 14 months.
The new vehicles are equipped with the very latest technology including on-board CCTV and in-cab software to support our waste operatives in the fight to ‘lighten our load’.
The technology in the new vehicles will record where a bin is not placed out for collection in time, excess side waste or when bin lids cannot close due to the amount of waste in the bin.
Residents are encouraged to reduce the amount of waste they throw away and increase how much they recycle.
About one third of the contents of a general waste bin in North Lincolnshire is waste that could be recycled at home in the other bins and boxes, including plastic bottles, tubs and trays, paper, glass bottles and jars, metal cans and tins, cardboard packaging, and small electrical appliances.
Cllr Neil Poole, cabinet member for Commercial, said:
“These new vehicles will really help our waste collection teams deliver a first class service. Residents can help us ‘lighten our load’ by not overloading bins, having their lids raised or putting out extra bags of general waste. This can cause the collection trucks to fill up before all of the bins have been collected and costs much more compared to recycling.
“Residents may from time to time have extra general waste and this can always be taken to one of our Household Recycling Centres.
“Our Waste Collection Operatives do a fantastic job in our communities. Occasionally a bin may be missed due to a number of reasons including vehicle breakdowns and reaching capacity on the amount of waste collected. These new vehicles will reduce breakdowns and increase efficiency.”
To find out about waste and recycling in North Lincolnshire, including what you can and can’t recycle at home go to the waste and recycling pages

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First Published:12 July 2018