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The Food in North Lincolnshire pledge

Health and Wellbeing Board members commit to the Food in North Lincolnshire pledge

7 December 2017

The North Lincolnshire Council Health and Wellbeing Board will sign a declaration committing its members to the Food in North Lincolnshire Pledge on Friday 8 December 2017.

In 2016, the Health and Wellbeing Board decided to address a major public health issue for the area; obesity. One of the major ways of doing this as part of a wider system approach is by improving the food environment in North Lincolnshire.

The national Sustainable Food Cities model was agreed and supported by the Board as a way for North Lincolnshire to improve the availability of healthy, affordable and sustainably grown food to people that will benefit the local economy and environment.

The aim of the Sustainable Food Cities is to unite public services, private businesses, community groups and individuals to address a range of issues including:

  • Healthy and sustainable food

  • Diet-related ill health

  • Access to affordable healthy food

  • Building community food knowledge, skills, resources and projects

  • Promoting a vibrant and diverse sustainable food economy

  • Transforming catering and food procurement

  • Reducing waste and the ecological footprint of the food system

A partnership has been formed, the Food in North Lincolnshire Partnership, with representatives from the public sector, food industry, retail and voluntary sector. This partnership has led the programme of activity, which has initially focussed on the development of the Food in North Lincolnshire Pledge.

The pledge was developed using the comments and thoughts of the people in North Lincolnshire, following a number of consultation exercises asking what is important to them.

The Food in North Lincolnshire Pledge has four areas:

  • Food for people

  • Food for the community

  • Food for the economy

  • Food for the place

Baroness Liz Redfern, chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, said:

“The declaration made by the Health and Wellbeing Board will support the Food in North Lincolnshire Partnership. The partnership’s aim is to help improve accessibility to healthy, affordable food and to transform food culture to one that improves health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability and the local economy.

“Leading a healthy and active lifestyle has many benefits, and the Food in North Lincolnshire Pledge will support and enable people to do this.

“The pledge is a huge step towards transforming lives in North Lincolnshire for the better and we would encourage local communities and businesses to show their support.”

The Food in North Lincolnshire Pledge

Food for people

  • Food which is affordable, tasty and nutritious

  • Help for people and families to develop their cooking skills

  • Fresh food, even for those with very limited means

  • Workplaces that promote healthy eating to those who work there

Food for the community

  • Bring people together to celebrate both traditional food from our area and food from our diverse community

  • Promote produce that people are proud of

  • Recognising the importance of sharing food as a time for families and friends

  • Support individuals who want to improve the wellbeing of the community

Food for the economy

  • Promoting local jobs by supporting markets and our local food economy

  • Encouraging smaller independent retailers to create a vibrant food culture in our area

  • Supporting retailers to provide healthier options

  • Promoting the value within local produce

  • Recognising the achievement of businesses that achieve this

Food for place

  • Celebrating local and seasonal food, grown sustainably or reared to high welfare standards

  • Helping people and communities to grow their own food

  • Encouraging the reduction of food miles and packaging waste

  • Promoting ways to dispose of food waste in a way that protects the environment

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First Published:07 December 2017