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Free events to support women returning to work

Free events to support women returning to work

11 October 2017

North Lincolnshire Council is hosting two free events in Scunthorpe for women looking at re-entering the job market as part of the Festival of Skills and Opportunities 

The Women Returning to Work event is being held at The Baths Hall on Thursday 12 October between 10am and 2pm

This is a free drop in event and is specifically aimed at women looking to return to work You will be provided with all the information you need to get back into work

It’s a great opportunity for women of all ages to get practical advice on up-skilling, job-seeking, training, education, childcare advice and funding

The Women into Manufacturing and Engineering (WiME) event is taking place at Humber University Technical College (UTC) on Saturday 21 October between 10am and 3pm This is the first WiMe event to be held on the South Bank

The event invites women of all ages that are interested in a career in engineering and manufacturing You will be able to find out what qualifications are required, what flexible industry training opportunities are available and the pay scales within the sector

Only nine percent of engineering professionals are women, so if this is something that interests you, come along and find out what exciting opportunities are available within the Humber region – the industry needs you!

Employers such as Siemens, Airco, Ideal, Spencer Group and British Steel support this initiative and many employers from the Humber region will be attending the event, including British Steel

Cllr Julie Reed, cabinet member for Adults and Health, said:

“The Festival of Skills and Opportunities provides a wide array of opportunities to help people improve their skills, find work, discover a career path or have a change in career

“The Women Returning to Work event will help many women who haven’t been in employment for a while for whatever reason to get the support they need to get back on the career ladder Whether that is training or help with finding a job, it will have all the information they need

“Women who have an interest in a career in engineering or manufacturing will be able to find out all they need to know at the event at the Humber UTC We have a strong engineering and manufacturing sector in the Humber region, so there will be plenty of opportunities at the event for women interested in these as a career”

First Published:11 October 2017