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Positive feedback on new indoor market plans

Council receives positive feedback on new indoor market plans

10 April 2018

Since North Lincolnshire Council announced the location for a new indoor market at the former BHS store in Scunthorpe, traders have been giving their views through a series of workshops.

Ninety-four per cent of attendees are positive about the new plans and its location and are looking forward to working with us to develop the new market.

The workshops are giving traders the opportunity to tell the council what they think to the site for the new market and how their views on how the market should operate.

The council has held thirteen workshops in the past two weeks.

There was much discussion about the positive aspects of having a new market – the great experience and atmosphere and potential to attract more customers.

Jacquie Barnes from Barney's Sweets, Scunthorpe Market, said:

"We've all been to the initial workshops and look forward to continued involvement in the plans for the new market. We are excited about the regeneration of the town centre that puts the market back at the heart of the community"

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader, North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“This is a significant investment, which I promised right from the start – that will provide a new market in a central location.

“We have received a very positive response so far. Traders have been giving us some great ideas to help drive this project forward that we will explore further.

“We are keen to continue this dialogue with traders to ensure they are involved in planning the new market.

“Following on from the workshops, we will next be inviting traders to look round the building. This will enable them to get a feel for how it will work for their business.

“It is in our intention to keep traders involved throughout the process.”

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First Published:10 April 2018