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Cleaner air for North Lincolnshire

Cleaner air for North Lincolnshire

9 February 2018

The council is set to reduce the size and number of our air quality management areas as data shows air quality has improved in North Lincolnshire.

The council monitors air quality at a number of sites across North Lincolnshire. We are looking for levels of dust – or particulate matter – which can be inhaled into the lungs. This type of particulate matter (PM) has a small diameter of 10 microns and is commonly known as PM10.

Where we find levels of PM10 which exceed air quality objectives, we designate an air quality management area and put in an action plan to cut particulate levels.

North Lincolnshire has two air quality management areas: one in Scunthorpe and one in Low Santon. Declared in 2005 and 2008 respectively, we have worked closely with regulators, health professionals and local businesses to implement the action plans and reduce the levels of PM10.

Following the hard work of partners and considerable investment from local businesses, we have seen significant reductions in PM10 across both our air quality management areas. Extensive monitoring of the air in Low Santon has shown that the level of PM10 no longer exceeds the annual mean air quality objective.

As such, the council now plans to reduce the size of the air quality management area in Scunthorpe and completely remove the air quality management area in Low Santon.

Deputy Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, Cllr Richard Hannigan, welcomed the changes to air quality management areas. He said, “By reducing the size of our Scunthorpe air quality management area and declassifying the one in Low Santon, we can refocus our efforts and create a new action plan to further cut PM10 levels where it is needed most.

“This cleaning up of the air in North Lincolnshire goes to show that the hard work of the council and our partners has paid off. We recognise that there is still work to do to reduce air pollution but already we are pleased that residents are breathing safer, cleaner air.”

First Published:09 February 2018