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New Mayor, deputy and Cadet to be appointed

New Mayor, deputy Mayor and Mayor’s Cadet to be appointed

17 May 2017

The annual meeting of North Lincolnshire Council takes place on Thursday (18 May) at the Civic Centre in Scunthorpe from 10.30am. A new Mayor and deputy Mayor of North Lincolnshire will be appointed. And this year, a Sea Cadet will be appointed as Mayor’s Cadet, to accompany the new Mayor on key Mayoral duties. 

In the past year, Army Cadet Sergeant Kyron Seaman, has accompanied outgoing Mayor, Cllr Trevor Foster, on civic duties, including attending flag raising ceremonies, Armed Forces Day, remembrance parades and services, and civic services. 

The new Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Mayor’s Cadet will be declared on Thursday, at the formal mayor-making ceremony in the Council Chamber. Cllr Foster will reveal the total amount the Mayor’s Appeal Fund has raised for Lindsey Lodge Hospice and Macmillan Cancer Support in the past year. The charity that will benefit from the Mayor’s Appeal Fund for the next year will also be announced.

Cllr Trevor Foster, outgoing Mayor of North Lincolnshire, said:

“It will be an exciting day with the appointment of a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor and for only the second time the appointment of a young Mayor’s Cadet to accompany the Mayor at key events. This continues the council’s commitment to supporting the armed forces.

“Being Mayor of North Lincolnshire for a second time has been a privilege. I have met so many wonderful people and attended some brilliant events across the county. It has been a pleasure to have Cadet Sergeant Seaman accompanying me.”

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First Published:17 May 2017
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