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Scunthorpe residents urged to clean-up act

Leader urges Scunthorpe residents to clean-up their act

Monday 17 July 2017

Leader of North Lincolnshire Council Cllr Rob Waltham is urging residents to clean-up their act and stop dumping rubbish on the streets of Scunthorpe. The council has instigated a major operation in Crosby, Park and Town wards in a bid to educate residents and clean-up the area.

This follows feedback from the local community about the increase in the amount of rubbish on the streets and ten foots.

The council has been working with residents, giving advice and information to help them keep their area tidy and free from rubbish. It has also been carrying out regular patrols to keep the streets clean.

Cllr Rob Waltham, leader, North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“Flytipping is unnecessary, unsightly and blights our communities. Not only that, it costs hundreds of pounds each year to clear away the mess – a cost to local taxpayers.

“I’ve been walking the streets of Crosby, Park and Town and I’m appalled at what I’ve seen. People are dumping their rubbish anywhere, particularly down ten foots.

“Time and time again, we are left to pick up the pieces. Enough is enough. People need to start taking responsibility for their actions and stop dumping rubbish for others to pick up.

“There really should be no excuse. The council regularly empties the bins and recycling boxes. There is a household recycling centre in Scunthorpe where people can take their waste to be recycled. Plus the council, unlike many other councils, provides the first three bulky item collections free from residents’ homes.

“The vast majority of people are acting responsibly; it is unfortunate that a small minority are spoiling it for others. I want to see people take more responsibility and pride in their area. By working together, we can help rid the streets of this unsightly mess. We are doing all we can, but we need support from our local residents.

“If you witness any flytipping, please report it online at here.”

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First Published:17 July 2017