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Traffic signs, road markings and road studs

Traffic signs, road markings and road studs

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The Highway Maintenance team is responsible for inspecting and renewing existing signs, road markings and studs.

Report a sign, marking or stud problem  

About our signs, road markings and road studs

Traffic signs, road markings and road studs are an important road safety feature on the roads. They help to move people and goods efficiently through the area. Our traffic signs, road markings and road studs policy benefit residents and visitors to North Lincolnshire by:

  • Helping provide safer roads and better routes;
  • Providing a guide to help the public understand where different types of signs are used and if a sign or road markings are necessary for their community;
  • Giving a consistent approach to providing clear and effective signs and road markings on the road;
  • Setting minimum standards of materials and meeting national regulations so that schemes are well designed;
  • Setting response times for dealing with defects to signs, markings and studs so that the highway is well maintained;
  • Helping limit illegal and unauthorised signs on the highway.

Our Traffic Team provides new traffic signs and markings on the highway, view our Traffic Signs, Marking and Road Studs Policy [PDF, 6Mb]

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Customer Contact Centre

01724 297000
Traffic Team
8 – 9 Billet Lane
Normanby Enterprise Park
DN15 9YH

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Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5pm

Friday: 8.30am to 4pm

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Last updated: 23/07/2015