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Highway surface treatment

Highway surface treatment

Micro Asphalt resurfacing

A three year highway maintenance contract of Micro Asphalt resurfacing across North Lincolnshire started in 2014.

Mobile works techniques will be used to minimise disruption and residents and businesses given advance warning when works are due to start.

If you need further information please contact our highway maintenance team.

What is Micro Asphalt?

Micro asphalt is a relatively new and economical solution to resurfacing roads that are starting to show the first signs of wear and tear. It is used when the road structure is good but the very top is beginning to wear. The asphalt seals the road surface, stops water getting in and so prevents major problems developing.

The asphalt is a liquid form of bitumen with added stone, which dries to give a new road surface. As well as protecting against water the micro asphalt fills minor surface irregularities, improves skid resistance and prolongs the life of the road.

What the council will do:

  • give advance notice of works to resident and drivers.
  • provide advisory and warning signs from the start of works until the road can be used normally
  • sweep the roads and footways to remove loose chippings
  • minimise disruption and hazards for traffic
  • make sure all complaints and investigated and appropriate action taken

What you can do:

  • make sure vehicles are not left on roads that will be treated
  • avoid deliveries and inviting visitors whilst the work is going on
  • contact the council if you have any difficulties with this
  • keep your speed low on recently treated roads
  • never overtake on newly treated roads

Contact details


Customer Contact Centre:

01724 297000

North Lincolnshire Council
8-9 Billet Lane
Normanby Enterprise Park
DN15 9YH

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5pm

Friday: 8.30am to 4pm

Last updated: 29/09/2015