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A pothole is a hollow in the road where the surface of the road has broken up. We are responsible for maintaining and repairing the roads in North Lincolnshire.

How quickly we repair a pot hole depends on the risk it poses to road users. This can be difficult as all pot holes present some risk, but the main factors considered are:

  • Size and depth of the pothole 
  • Type of traffic using the road 
  • Speed and volume of traffic
  • Road alignment and visibility of the pothole  
  • Position of the pothole in the road 

Potholes can also be on footpaths, pavements and cycle paths.

Report a pothole

From Monday 18 June, the teams will be repairing roads in the following areas:

  • Brigg

  • Burton upon Stather

  • Ashby

  • Kingsway and Lincoln Gardens

  • Crosby

  • Town

  • Frodingham

  • Westwoodside

  • Planer patching to Neap House Road, Flixborough

  • Planer patching to C204 Epworth - Owston Ferry moving to Shore Road, Garthorpe on completion

Across the authority a reactive team will also deal with potholes that need urgent attention.

Pothole Action Fund 2016-17

The Department of Transport awarded North Lincolnshire Council an additional £318,000 for the year 2016/17 as part of a national fund to reduce the number of potholes on our roads. North Lincolnshire Council used the funds to enhance and support a number of surface treatment programmes tackling potholes across the county.

This funding was specifically targeted at a surface treatment called micro-asphalt. This treatment is used to prevent potholes forming in the first place when roads are beginning to show wear and tear.

The funding allowed North Lincolnshire Council to undertake the following work at the following sites:

Site  Ward  From  To   Length 
 Cliff Gardens  Scunthorpe  Oswald Road  Highfield Avenue  940
 Kelsey Lane  Althorpe  C213  A18  225
 C213  Haxey  East Lound  Haxey  1,370
 Green Lane  Barrow  B1206  High Street  279
 Palmer Lane  Barrow  Beck Lane  Green Lane  450
 A1077 Ulceby Village  Ulceby  A1077  A1077  1,300
 B1211 Ulceby  Ulceby  A1077  20mph limit  
 New Trent Street  Ealand  Wharfe Road  Bonnyhale Road  350
 Main Street  Ealand  Bonnyhale Road  Outgate  200
 Outgate  Ealand  Wharfe Road  Deres Signs  630
 Wharfe Road  Ealand  New Trent Street  Outgate  640
 High Street  Crowle  Godnow Road  Market Place  200
 High Street  Crowle  Church Street  Cross Street  170
 Woodlands Avenue  Crowle  Cross Street  Mill Road  120
 Fieldside  Crowle  Mill Lane  Field Road  520
 Chancery Ln/West Terrace  Crowle  Fieldside  High Street  98
 King Street/George Street  Barton  George Street  High Street  190
 Market Place (car park)  Barton  Start  End  50
 Park Avenue  Barton  Bowmandale  Brigg Road  190


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Last updated: 08/06/2018