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National Driver Improvement Course

National Driver Alertness Course

The Humberside Police Driver Alertness Course is an alternative to prosecution for some drivers involved in a crash where they have been driving without due care and attention.

Studies have shown that drivers involved in this type of crash are much more likely to others in the future than someone who has not.

As prosecution does not address faults that led to the crash the scheme looks to improve the knowledge and skills of those drivers. The aim is to reduce the chance of them being involved in similar incidents in the future.

Theory work and practical re-training at the client’s own expense is given during the one-day course.

Thousands of drivers have now attended this course in the Humberside Police area and similar courses are run all over the country.

The driver Alertness Course is self-financing and not for profit. The police refer drivers to the scheme rather than for prosecution if there is enough evidence to prosecute. If the driver refuses to go on the course, fails to attend or does not take part properly they will be sent for prosecution. No further action is taken if the driver completes the course successfully.

A driver cannot go on another Driver Alertness Course for three years.

As well as the National Driver Alertness Course and Speed Seminars there are a number of other education seminars that can be offered to clients as an alternative to prosecution. These include:

Considerate Driver Course: for drivers, 21 years old and older, for offences such as using a hand held mobile phone when driving, failing to stop at a pedestrian crossing and failing to comply with traffic signs or signals.

RIDE: for motorcyclists, 21 years and older, reported for careless riding, not having proper control of the vehicle and failing to comply with traffic signs or signals.

First Gear: for riders and drivers aged 16 years to 20 years old. This covers the same as the considerate driver and RIDE but is specifically aimed at young drivers and riders. 

National Driver Alertness Course – Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Why have I been sent the offer of a Driver Alertness Course?
You have been reported for an incident of driving without due care and attention or reasonable consideration for other road users arising from a road traffic collision or your driving has fallen below what is expected of a competent driver. The officer involved has made a decision that you would benefit from attending this course. The course is designed by professionals to improve attitude and behaviour on the road and to promote road safety. It is the intention to reduce the number of road crashes and injuries to drivers and pedestrians.
Though there is a facility to book online we recommend that you telephone our office (01482 399065) in order to carry out your booking so that we can discuss the course details with you.

2. What do I do on the day?
The course is a full day and will include both theory and practical elements. You will need to arrive at 8.15am for registration, with the course commencing promptly at 8.30am. The course will finish at 5pm.
At the time of the booking the assistant will ask you whether you drive a manual or automatic vehicle in order that the right type of vehicle is provided for you.
If your vehicle has been adapted for you in anyway, it may be possible to use your own vehicle for the practical element rather than the instructors vehicle. Please discuss with the assistant when you arrange your booking.

3. What does the course involve?
This course is a combination of theory and practical sessions. The first session is a theory session.
This is followed by practical on the road driving assessment with a Department of Transport approved driving instructor, a vehicle is provided. The instructor will give verbal and written feedback on the course.
There is no test, but satisfactory completion of the course is required by attending both sessions.
You are asked to make a positive contribution to the course and demonstrate a willingness to improve your driving skills. The course is designed to be participative, informative and a practical benefit to all drivers.
Course Itinerary
8.15am to 8.30am – Registration
8.30am to approx 11.30am – Discussion and group work, with some reading and writing in workbooks.
There will be a 20 minute break at approximately 10am
11.30am - You will be collected by an Approved Driving Instructor for the practical element of the course. There will be approximately two to three clients per Instructor. After an initial drive you will stop for lunch.
Lunch: - Please note that refreshments are not provided and that you may not necessarily return to the venue for lunch, so please ensure you take any refreshments with you. You may want to bring a packed lunch with you. After lunch you will continue with the practical element and then return to the venue for the end of day summarising.
5pm – Course finishes

4. Is there an eye test?
As the course involves a practical driving element, your eyesight must be to the required standard and be able to read a vehicle number plate from a distance of 20.5m (67ft) or approximately five car lengths. An eyesight test will be carried out after registration but before the start of the course, therefore if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses for driving, please bring them with you.

5. Do I need to bring my driving licence with me?
Yes - You will need to bring both parts of your driving licence with you (plastic card and paper counterpart). If you hold the old style paper licence you will also need to bring another form of photographic identification with you, such as a Passport.
Your driving licence will also be checked before the start of the course to ensure it is valid and that you are the holder of a full driving licence. If you have not yet exchanged your provisional licence you will also need to bring your pass test certificate with you.
Failure to produce a driving licence or photographic identification may disqualify you from participating on the course and the matter may be referred to the Crown Prosecution Service for the commencement of criminal proceedings.
As the presenter will need to check your identification you will be asked to remove any head dress that covers your face. This can be carried out in a private room at your request.
If you require someone of the same gender to carry out the identification or have any questions about your licence, please contact us on 01482 399065 prior to your course.

6. What if I can’t get time off work to attend the course?
As you have opted to attend the course as an alternative to prosecution, work commitments will not be taken into consideration. It is expected that you will make arrangements with your employer or take leave to attend the course

7. Where is the course held?
Courses are held at our dedicated training venues at the Freedom Centre, 97 Preston Road, Hull, HU9 3QB; and The Old Tile Works, Far Ings Road, Barton-upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire, DN18 5RF.
Maps can be found on the main driver safety course page.
Information about where your course will be held is included in your confirmation letter.
Please note: - it is still your responsibility to ensure you plan your journey in advance. If you are late due to getting lost, any rebooking may be subject to a full rebooking fee.

8. What happens if I don’t turn up or I’m late?
You must attend on your allocated time and date or you will be prosecuted for the offence you have committed. If you do not attend there will be no refund of your course fee. If you turn up after the course has started you will be refused entry and any rebooking will be subject to a full rebooking fee, less the central levy of £20. However, if this has already been refunded any booking would be subject to a full rebooking fee. It is therefore essential you give yourself plenty of time for your journey and plan your route in advance.

9. What happens if I have previously been offered the same course before?
You can only attend one driver alertness course every three years. Prosecution for the other offence will be considered. However, normally checks would have been carried out to ensure you were eligible for the course before your offer was sent to you.

10. Is there any childcare available?
No. You must make your own childcare arrangements.

11. I have special needs – can you accommodate me?
Yes, but you must contact us on 01482 399065 to discuss this further so special arrangements can be made if necessary prior to your course.

12. What happens if I suddenly can’t make the seminar, for example an emergency at home?
You will be prosecuted for the offence you have committed. If you are ill and can produce a doctor’s sick certificate, another course may be offered if one is available within the specified time period (normally four months from the date of your offence). In these circumstances Humberside Police have the discretion to waive any rescheduling fees.

13. Can I bring a friend or member of my family with me?
No. Only you will be allowed into the seminar. If English is not your first language and you feel you may have difficulty in understanding the seminar it may be possible to take a friend with you.
Please contact us on 01482 399065 prior to your course.

14. What happens if I want to change the date of the course?
You must attend a course within four months of your offence date. Therefore if we are able to accommodate the change we will try to do so. However, an administration cost may be charged in order to carry out the change. Please see the terms and conditions below.

15. Where does the money go?
Once the costs of providing the enforcement and seminars have been met, money from the scheme helps develop other casualty reduction initiatives which otherwise would not happen.

16. I don’t live in the Humberside area can I book a place elsewhere?
Driver Alertness courses are offered by a number of different Police forces across the county. The details of other course providers can be found on the main driver safety course page.

17. Will my information be released to any other party?
In deciding to offer you this course Humberside Police has checked your details against a national database to establish if you have completed a similar course within the last three years of this offence.
If you decide to accept the course and take it in Humberside we will hold your details. If you take a course outside of the Humberside area your driving licence number and additional information will be passed to the course provider for that area.
If you complete the course, your details relating to this course will remain on file for road safety research purposes for a further seven years from the date of offence, after which any personal reference to you will be erased.
Your details will not be released to any other parties except a Police Force if they are considering making an offer of a course in the future or to those involved in the original offence, which is a legal requirement.
Your personal details will not at any time be made available to the public.
If you fail to complete the course or if the offer is withdrawn your personal details relating to this matter will be erased from the national database.

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