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North Lincolnshire Museum service's collections feature a wide range of archival material and objects reflecting the geology, natural history, archaeology and social history of the region in and around North Lincolnshire.

Experience a walk through the human history of North Lincolnshire and learn more about local archaeology. Discover the new interactive elements and enjoy the new archaeology display cases showcasing some amazing local objects. North Lincolnshire has a rich heritage that is reflected in the size and quality of the archaeological collections. All periods of the past are represented in the collections, by finds from major excavations and field projects, as well as stray finds.

The new archaeology display has been given a modern twist using lots of bright colours to differentiate each period in history. The new, large cases, sounds, modern information panels and labels all help make the exhibits more lively and interesting.

Highlights include:

  • Bronze Age Appleby Log Boat
  • The Norman Lead Barnetby Font
  • Bailiffs Wand of Office from the time of Henry VIII
  • Changing case
  • Interactive children's area

The Community Archaeology Project (CAP)

The Community Archaeology Project on the Lincolnshire Wolds ended in 2008 - thank you to everyone who contributed, particularly the landowners who allowed us access. Community archaeology (including field walking) continues at North Lincolnshire Museum.

This collection consists of male and female costume and accessories, decorative homewear including furniture and soft furnishings, and various works of art. Items from the collection can be viewed at Normanby Hall, and the costume collection is displayed through changing exhibitions in the costume gallery.

Highlights include:

Sketches of Roman Mosaics by local antiquarian William Fowler. The Lincolnshire bonnet and clothing from the wardrobe of John Parkinson.

Our local history collection features historic photographs and ephemera telling the story of North Lincolnshire. The photographic archive is one of the most important in the region. It is a permanent record of change in North Lincolnshire from around 1850 up to the present day. See our huge range of old images from North Lincolnshire by taking a look through our online image archive.  

The local history gallery showcases a fantastic range of objects relating to community, domestic, personal and working life in North Lincolnshire. Come and explore the development of North Lincolnshire from the early 1800s all the way up to just before the outbreak of World War II. Discover how parts of the region were transformed from rural communities to thriving urban hubs and what these changes meant for the lives of local people.

Objects in the collection include:

  • Agricultural and rural craft tools
  • Household items
  • Militaria
  • Material relating to various forms of transport
  • Medical equipment
  • Toys

Highlights on display in the gallery include:

  • The Haxey Hood and Plough Jag
  • The Haxey Hood Fool
  • Hobby horse
  • A collection of Elswick-Hopper cycles
  • A collection of Johnson cycles

The Geology and Natural History galleries are currently undergoing refurbishment and are not accessible. A new Geology gallery 'Jurassic Seas' is due to open in spring 2017.

This is a voluntary recording scheme for archaeological objects that are found by members of the public. Every year, many thousands of objects are discovered. Many of these are found by metal detector users, but others are chanced upon by people while at work, gardening, or out walking. Archaeology is a limited resource. It is important to record these finds and their locations before the information is lost.

In 1997, North Lincolnshire Museum was chosen to be part of a pilot scheme for finds recording. It was very successful, and the national scheme is now well established, with 16 finds liaison officers working throughout England.

Since the scheme was established at North Lincolnshire Museum, it has recorded over 6,000 finds, made by over 400 individuals. The huge amount of new information is helping to illuminate some dark corners of our history.

The North Lincolnshire scheme is a great success and is providing new insights into the history of the area. A particular success has been the discovery of a lot of Anglo-Saxon and Viking material, which is providing new insights into this period. We have also dealt with a collection of more than 12,000 objects from a single parish. This gives us, for the first time, a true sample of the wealth and activities of a village through the ages.

North Lincolnshire's Finds Liaison Officer is available to record your finds, whether it be a single item or a small collection. Perhaps you have had a few things in the 'scrap box' for a few years that you think may be interesting. If so, bring them in!

The Finds Liaison Officer will book in the finds and give you a receipt. You will be given a realistic estimate of how long it will take to record the finds, identify them using personal knowledge, the museum's reference book collection, and advice from the Collections Manager. The finds will be photographed and details will be entered onto the portable antiquities database. The find will then be returned.

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Last updated: 21/02/2017
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