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Advice and guidance for young people

Advice and guidance for young people

Careers information, advice and guidance

Want to find information on careers, training, apprenticeships or staying on in learning post 16? Our careers information, advice and guidance pages have lots of useful information.

Concerns, compliments and complaints

Do you have something to say about our services for children and young people? Whether it’s a concern, compliment or a complaint, we want to hear from you.

Ever feel like no one is listening?

The Children and Young People Advocate can speak up for young people who are ‘looked after’ by the council or any child or young person being visited at home by a social worker.


Looking at how to keep fit and healthy or want to find your nearest doctors surgery? Need advice on sexual health, emotional health or healthy eating? Find all of this information plus more on the healthy children and young people pages.

Housing support and welfare

Information and advice on housing and benefits that you might find useful:

Information for young people who are adopted

As you grow up you may have more questions. Adults who have been adopted can request access to their original adoption files. Find out more on Adoption File Access.

Learning to drive

Want to learn how to drive? Check out information on how to choose an instructor, the theory test explained and how booking both your theory and practical tests are easy – this can all be done on-line.

School term dates

Not sure when you break up for the holidays or start back at school? Check out the school term dates here.

Things to do

Find fun things to do in your locality. There are lots of activities for children, young people and their families to do in North Lincolnshire that are free and low cost.  

Travel and transport

If you are applying to a college or school sixth form to continue your education post 16 you may be eligible for help with your transport.

You may be entitled to help with your transport if you have a learning difficulty, disability or medical need or if you were statemented at school.

Understanding money

Find out how to manage your money including budgeting, money saving ideas or getting a current account.

Young carer

If you are a child or young person and you are carrying out any caring role for a member of your immediate family, it is essential that your wellbeing does not suffer as a result of your responsibilities. Make sure you get the support you need.

Youth Council

If you are a young person (aged 11 to 20) who wants to have a say about things that matter to YOU and you want to help influence decisions made about YOUR life, then come along to North Lincolnshire Youth Council.

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