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Consultations for admission arrangements

Consultations for admission arrangements

The council will publish any consultations for admission arrangements for itself and for any other admission authorities in North Lincolnshire on this page.

The council is running two consultations on behalf of schools in the area proposing to change their admission arrangements for the 2018/19 intake year.

Catholic schools

All of the Catholic schools in the area are seeking to change their oversubscription criteria to include members of the Eastern Catholic Churches in their definition of Catholic, and to give priority, after Catholics, to catechumens, candidates and members of Eastern Christian Churches, and, after Christians, to children of other faiths.

The schools are:

  • St Augustine Webster Catholic Voluntary Academy
  • St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy
  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy
  • St Norbert’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy
  • St Bede’s Catholic Voluntary Academy (Secondary)  

The proposed oversubscription criteria for the primary schools are:

  1. Catholic looked after or previously looked after children.
  2. Catholic children living in the parish(es) served by the school.
  3. Catholic children living outside the parish(es) served by the school.
  4. Other looked after or previously looked after children.
  5. Catechumens, Candidates, and members of Eastern Christian Churches.
  6. Children of other Christian denominations whose membership is evidenced by a minister of religion.
  7. Children of other faiths whose membership is evidenced by a religious leader.
  8. Any other children not within categories 1-7.

St Bede's does not have designated parishes so 2 and 3 are combined into one category of Catholic children. 

The full proposed admission arrangements and supplementary form:

St Martin’s Church of England Primary School

The school is seeking to change its oversubscription criteria to remove those that refer to worshipping regularly at St Martin’s Church Owston Ferry or at any other Christian Church. 

The proposed oversubscription criteria are:

  1. Looked after children and previously looked after children.
  2. Children whose family are resident within the Parish of Owston Ferry, Kelfield and Gunthorpe.
  3. Children who have a brother or sister on the roll of the school at the time of admission
  4. Children whose main residence is nearest to the school. 

The full proposed admission arrangements:

Comments and contact details

The consultations are taking place from Friday 16 December 2016 to Friday 27 January 2017. Parents can send their comments on the proposed changes in the admission arrangements to:


Send a letter to: Sean Kendrew, Access Manager (Admissions and Transport), North Lincolnshire Council, PO Box 35, Station Road, Brigg, North Lincolnshire, DN20 8XJ.

Contact details


01724 297133


01724 297134

Fax: 01724 297242 

The School Admissions Team
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Last updated: 13/12/2016
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