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Education Standards Board

Education Standards Board

North Lincolnshire Council and its partners recognise that across North Lincolnshire as a whole, education outcomes need to improve faster if we are to catch up and overtake national averages. The Education Standards Board was established in October 2013.

The formation of the Education Standards Board recognises that the accountability for overall education standards and outcomes for the most vulnerable children and young people is owned collectively, not by any single organisation or agency. The expected outcomes of the Education Standards Board are:

  • A coordinated approach to improving education outcomes within a diverse education system
  • Open and professional engagement between local schools, academies and academy sponsors, and with local government and the agencies of national government
  • Enabling cultures for partnerships and alliances as the building blocks of a self-improving system
  • Early support, challenge and intervention for all schools and academies to address causes of underperformance – minimising the risk of formal failure
  • Quick turnarounds for any school or academy that does become inadequate
  • A coordinated approach to ensuring high quality outcomes for our most vulnerable children and young people – sustaining the North Lincolnshire culture of inclusive practices and cooperation within the schools’ sector for vulnerable children
  • Long term stability within the education sector – supporting strong, sustainable schools for the future

The Annual Education Report 2016 [PDF, 488Kb] provides a brief summary of education standards in North Lincolnshire.  Results are compiled from the latest available data. Trends of performance are identified over a three-year period and, where possible, outcomes are compared to national standards for benchmarking purposes.

This report draws out the key areas for action. The purpose is to encourage debate about local education priorities, rather than determine the means by which improvements should be made.

Education Standards Board procedures

The purpose of the Education Standards Board procedures [PDF, 301Kb] is to ensure the Local Authority operates a consistent approach to all schools with regard to monitoring, challenge, support and intervention in schools causing concern and reporting to the Education Standards Board. It is also to provide clear, transparent and timely processes and to communicate these processes to all stakeholders.


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01724 297040

School Improvement Service 
Hewson House 
North Lincolnshire 
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Monday to Thursday: 9am to 5pm

Friday: 9am to 4.30pm

Last updated: 23/10/2017