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Study Parks

Study Parks

Study Parks represent two sports clubs in North Lincolnshire and their Learning Centres - Study United FC and Study Heslam. These two centres, based at Scunthorpe United Football Club and Heslam Park Rugby & Cricket Club, offer a diverse range of services to schools which have a positive impact on the learning and achievement of pupils in North Lincolnshire.

Our study support centres use the unique environment of the clubs' settings alongside innovative teaching and learning styles. This provides a stimulating and exciting learning environment for children, young people and teaching professionals alike. 

Who we are

We are part of North Lincolnshire Council’s People’s Directorate and work in close partnership with colleagues across the education in order to raise achievement, champion inclusion and support regeneration.

What we do

Study Parks acts as a local hub researching new technology based learning approaches, supporting personalised learning programmes, working in partnership with the clubs and schools and delivering professional development training.  

The study centres have an excellent track record of managing a range of projects in both North Lincolnshire and the wider Humber region which have clear positive outcomes.

Above all we aim to raise achievement

The Core Offer 

Our provision embraces a range of activities. At the heart of the offer is the ambition to improve young people’s motivation, self esteem and help them become more effective learners.

Our Services to Schools and the Wider Community includes:

Study Parks Consultancy helps to build school capacity. It creates research leader solutions to guarantee that evidence and knowledge of effective practice actually makes an impact on educational outcomes. It ensures that information about what has worked well in other contexts gets to the teachers and head teachers who can benefit from it.

We offer a wide range of appropriate solutions which form a school’s Development Journey.

Areas of support offered:

  • Strategic computing and technology planning for senior leaders

  • The application of new and emerging technologies in the classroom

  • Monitoring, review and support of computing and technology across the school

  • Innovative and creative use of computing and technology across the curriculum

  • Computing and technology curriculum review, planning and development

  • Specialist support for the computing and technology subject leader

  • Computing and technology training on software/hardware for staff, governors, parents and carers

  • Review of computing and technology learning through lesson observations, pupil voice surveys and the constructive moderation of teachers planning and resources

Direct Training and Coaching

The Direct Training and Coaching courses at Study Parks aim to provide schools with a practical and strategic package of support. The courses enable teachers and school leaders to initiate transformative change using computing and technology.

Creative Digital Media Training

This training is delivered to identified key staff members using two hour twilight sessions in school. We use digital media hardware/software which is accessed by all staff and children. Training support resources are provided and ongoing consultancy support is available.

Some aspects of our training include digital video production, special video effects, digital music and audio production, interactive presentations, comic strip production, animation, programming, computer game creation, control and programming and creative online feedback.

Discovery Days

A package to support teachers to develop digital literacy skills alongside children from their class.

Creative Media Team Training

A package to support schools to develop children to become the school’s creative media team.

Live from School

A package to enable children to experience the excitement of Live TV production in school.

What we can offer

Our Heads Up and Making the Grade programmes are designed to aid learners who have been identified as having specific subject knowledge gaps. We revisit and reinforce basic subject knowledge and understanding. We help promote confidence in taking part in mainstream classroom activities.

Back on Track - our programme is designed to be run over an eight week period consisting of two hour tutored afternoon sessions once a week.

Heads Up - this programme is designed ideally as a three week revision course to supplement the progress made in the Back on Track’ programme. Or it could be used as a standalone course to coincide with the lead up to mock and/or final exams. 

Reaching for Success (RfS) tries to re-engage students in their learning using the stimulating and exciting environment of a sports venue.

Our core re-engagement offer sees learners work towards achieving agreed educational and life skill targets. As part of this process, accredited and structured non-accredited courses based on their own interests will be used to work towards literacy, numeracy, ICT and life skills goals. 

Our On the Ball – Self Efficacy programmes are designed to aid the development of learning approaches which focuses a pupil’s thinking about the process of learning and achieving their goals.

The programme focuses on:

(a) developing a pupil’s ability to use specific strategies to set goals, and to monitor and evaluate their own learning

(b) enabling a pupil to self regulate and manage their own motivation towards learning

 On the Ball  – our team programme is designed to be run over an eight week period consisting of two hour Study Parks led tutored afternoon sessions once a week at Study Parks (twelve pupils from school and teaching staff member in support)

On the Touchline – this coached programme is designed to be run over an eight week period consisting of teacher led two hour tutored afternoon sessions once a week at Study Parks (twelve pupils from school and teaching staff member to lead)

Post Programme Analysis (Part of Second Half programme)

The post programme analysis consists of a half day in-school consultation after the lead teacher has piloted the programme in school to discuss:

  • impact evaluation

  • sharing/disseminating findings

  • planning the whole school use of the intervention        

Our school and community programmes include:

  • Family Learning Programmes

  • Health and Well Being Programmes

  • Out of School Hours Learning Programmes

All programmes are bespoke and generally supported by external funding where possible.

The price is dependent upon the nature of the bespoke programme. Please contact the centre for free consultation. 

Study Parks

Contact details

01724 747686

Study Parks
Glanford Park
Jack Brownsword Way
DN15 8TD

Last updated: 11/07/2016
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