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Services to Schools

Services to Schools

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Facilities management

What makes us different?

The well-being of all our employees, customers and the general public is paramount to North Lincolnshire Council. Our priority is to deliver high quality services that enhance the environment we live in.

As such we endeavour to adopt the following behaviour in our everyday service:

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Responsible Neighbour

  • We manage the day to day risks associated with our activities and minimise the impact of unforeseen circumstances.
  • We protect the surrounding environment and preserve natural resources.
  • Our culture is focused on the needs of the community, One Council putting our Customers First.

Responsible Service Provider

  • We aim to satisfy our customers by meeting and exceeding their requirements.
  • We maintain close consultation with our customers, partners, employees and all other stakeholders.
  • We fully comply with our regulatory, legislative, contractual and other obligations.

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Responsible Employer

  • We actively encourage and support our employees to gain the skills and qualifications that will meet the needs of our business.
  • We safeguard the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and premises by systematically identifying potential risks and applying the appropriate preventative measures.
  • We develop highly motivated and skilled teams through strong leadership and effective training.

ICT Technical Services



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Download our 2016 Services for Schools, Academies and Colleges brochure.
Schools and Academies portfolio front page
Download our IT Commercial Services for Schools and Academies portfolio.
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