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Rights of Way Improvement Plan

Rights of Way Improvement Plan

The rights of way improvement plan (ROWIP) is essentially a business plan setting out how to make the rights of way network in North Lincolnshire better.

In particular, a ROWIP must assess:

  • The extent to which local rights of way meet the present and future likely needs of the public;
  • The opportunities provided by local rights of way for exercise and other forms of open-air recreation and the enjoyment of the area;
  • The accessibility of local rights of way to blind or partially-sighted persons, and others with mobility problems.

The ROWIP includes the Assessment, and the Statement of Action.

The Assessment looks at eleven key areas in which rights of way might be improved.

The Statement of Action recommends action, estimates costs, and stipulates a completion date for each of these areas.

The Rights of Way Improvement Plan [PDF, 375Kb] is available to download.

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