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Current Public Notices

Current public notices

  • Public rights of way are recorded in the Definitive Map and Statement.
  • We must keep this up to date by means of legal orders known as Definitive Map Modifications.
  • A public notice must be advertised when certain orders to modify the Definitive Map are made.
  • You are able to make an objection if you do not agree with the order.  Details of how to do this are contained within the notice.
  • If objections are received and not withdrawn, they will be sent to the Secretary of State to be dealt with by written representations, public hearing, or public inquiry.

Please contact us for more information.

Orders currently with the Secretary of State: 


Current notices:

"Definitive Map Modification (Restricted Byway 61, Haxey) Order 2018(1)"

Copy of order [PDF, 1.25Mb]

Copy of notice [PDF, 10.8Kb]

Location map [PDF, 1.47Mb]

"Definitive Map Modification (Restricted Byway 2, Belton) Order 2018(1)"

Copy of order [PDF, 1Mb]

Copy of notice [PDF, 11Kb]

Location map [PDF, 542Kb]


"Public Path Diversion (Public Footpath 248, Kirton in Lindsey) Order 2018(1)"

Copy of order [PDF, 1.26Mb]

Copy of notice [PDF, 10.4Kb]

Location map [PDF, 267Kb]

"Public Path Diversion (FP47 New Holland) Order 2018 (1)"

Copy of Order [PDF, 1Mb]

Copy of notice [PDF, 63Kb]

    CA17 Notice, Stonecroft Farm House, Barnetby [PDF, 383Kb]

CA17 Notice, Land off Carr Lane, Worlaby [PDF, 375Kb]


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