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Conservation Areas in North Lincolnshire

Conservation Areas in North Lincolnshire

There are 17 conservation areas within the towns and villages of North Lincolnshire.  Because of their special character and quality, they have been ‘designated’ by the council under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. This means that their special character can be safeguarded and enhanced.

A number of special controls and requirements apply in conservation areas. This does not mean that there will be no new developments or alterations to existing buildings. However, the council has a duty to ensure that all changes either enhance the attractiveness of these areas, or do no harm to their special qualities.

Where are the conservation areas?

We have maps of each of the 17 conservation areas in North Lincolnshire available to download. Please see the 'Conservation Area maps' section of this page.

Living in a conservation area

Planning applications are needed for some types of development that may not normally need permission. These include:

  • Larger house or industrial extensions
  • Dormer windows
  • Cladding external walls of a house
  • Satellite dishes facing a highway 
  • Illuminated advertisements

Nine of our conservation areas have further controls in place. These are termed Article 4 directions.  Permission may be required for minor works to dwellings, including:

  • Outside alterations such as new windows or door.
  • Re-roofing or alterations to the chimneys ridge, tiles etc.
  • Porches.
  • Covering gardens in tarmac or concrete.
  • Removing garden walls.
  • Creation of car parking space.
  • Putting up gates fences or walls. 
  • Covering walls by rendering or painting the brick work.


You will need permission from the council to demolish buildings and other structures. Generally this will be refused unless it would improve the appearance of the conservation area.


If you want to fell or lop a tree you must notify the council six weeks before the work is due to take place. Application forms and more information can be found on our tree preservation orders and trees in conservation areas page.
If you are thinking about making alterations to a property, demolishing a building or felling a tree in a conservation area please contact the development control team. A planning officer will advise you if consent is required.

Alkborough conservation area appraisal [PDF, 402kb]

Alkborough supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 386kb]

Appleby conservation area appraisal [PDF, 309kb]

Appleby supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 89kb]

Barrow upon Humber conservation area appraisal [PDF, 389kb]

Barrow upon Humber supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 272kb]

Barton upon Humber conservation area appraisal [PDF, 2Mb]

Barton upon Humber supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 624kb]

Brigg conservation area appraisal [PDF, 1Mb]

Brigg supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 86kb]

Crowle conservation area appraisal [PDF, 494kb]

Crowle supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 708kb]

Epworth conservation area appraisal [PDF, 235kb]

Epworth supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 41kb]

Kirton in Lindsey conservation area appraisal [PDF, 683kb]

Kirton in Lindsey supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 48kb]

New Frodingham conservation area appraisal [PDF, 653kb]

New Frodingham supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 772kb]

Normanby conservation area appraisal [PDF, 514kb]

Normanby supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 105kb]

Old Crosby conservation area appraisal [PDF, 1Mb]

Old Crosby supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 563kb]

Redbourne conservation area appraisal [PDF, 1Mb]

Redbourne supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 166kb]

Saxby All Saints conservation area appraisal [PDF, 271kb]

Saxby All Saints supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 61kb]

Scawby conservation area appraisal [PDF, 555kb]

Scawby supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 310kb]

Winteringham conservation area appraisal [PDF, 932kb]

Winteringham supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 508kb]

Winterton conservation area appraisal [PDF, 667kb]

Winterton supplementary planning guidance [PDF, 473kb]


Conservation Area, Scawby
Scawby Conservation Area

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Friday: 8:30am to 4pm

Last updated: 04/02/2015