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Air Quality

Air quality

Good air quality is essential for our health, quality of life and the environment. Pollution may have harmful effects, particularly for young children and people with existing respiratory problems.

Councils have to assess air quality in their area against Government air quality objectives. In some cases, levels of pollutants exceed the Government’s objectives and are likely to continue to do so. Councils have to decide how they will deal with air quality management. They also have to decide what measures they will take to improve air quality.

North Lincolnshire Council operate a dedicated air quality website where real time pollution levels and historic data can be viewed.

Annual Status Report 2017

The latest air quality report submitted to DEFRA is the Annual Status Report 2017 [PDF, 2Mb].

Detailed Assessment of the Scunthorpe Town and Low Santon PM10 Air Quality Management Areas 2016.

As part of the Local Air Quality Management Process North Lincolnshire Council submitted a statutory Air Quality report to DEFRA.

The detailed assessment 2016 [PDF, 4Mb] has been approved by DEFRA.

Annual Status Report 2016

The Annual Status Report 2016 [PDF, 2Mb] has been submitted to DEFRA.

Updating and Screening Assessment 2015

As part of the Local Air Quality Management process North Lincolnshire Council has submitted a statutory Air Quality report to DEFRA.

The updating and screening assessment 2015 [PDF, 1Mb] has been approved and is now available to download.

Detailed Assessment of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) at South Killingholme 2015

Our Air Quality Progress Report 2011 identified a possible exceedance of nitrogen dioxide alongside the A160 in South Killingholme. For this reason, in October 2013 North Lincolnshire Council installed an air quality monitoring site to more accurately measure nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide and nitrogen oxides at this location.

The results of the real-time monitoring presented in the report indicate that air quality objectives for nitrogen dioxide have not been breached.

The Detailed Assessment of NO2 at South Killingholme [PDF, 1Mb] has been approved and is available to download.

Progress Report 2014

The air quality progress report 2014 [PDF, 1Mb] has been approved and is now available to download.

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