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Worried about an adult

Worried about an adult

Reporting abuse to an adult

If you suspect someone is being neglected or abused, or if you need help yourself, please contact us on 01724 297000 or use our Professionals Safeguarding Report Form [DOC, 62Kb].  

You can also contact the Police:

  • 101 - Police non emergency
  • 999 - Police emergency

If you don't want to contact us yourself, you could also report your concerns to a social worker, doctor, nurse, housing office or an advice centre and ask them to make a referral for you.  Qualified people are waiting to take your call in a safe environment. They will listen to you and act swiftly to make sure your enquiry is dealt with in the correct way.

Some people aren't able to take care of themselves, and they may not be good at telling other people if something is wrong.  This can leave them open to abuse.

A vulnerable adult could be someone who is:

  • unable to protect themselves against harm or exploitation
  • in need of care because of a physical or mental disability, age or illness

Examples of abuse

Types of abuse can include:

  • physical or sexual abuse
  • neglect (not looking after someone properly)
  • financial abuse (such as taking money without permission)
  • poor care practices, including bullying or humiliating someone, or not allowing contact with friends and family

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