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Getting well again - Intermediate Care

Getting well again - Intermediate Care

Sometimes it can be hard getting back to yourself following a spell in hospital. Intermediate Care can help by supporting you to:

  • stay at home while recovering from injury or illness 

  • leave hospital more quickly following treatment

  • in some cases prevent the need to be admitted to hospital

We offer a programme of time limited short-term support. This help can be provided in your own home or as a short stay in our rehabilitation unit at Sir John Mason House. 

Intermediate Care is provided by social and health care staff who work together to support you. This service is available if you live in North Lincolnshire and you are over 18. You will need to be assessed as needing Intermediate Care and be willing to take part in our rehabilitation programme. If you qualify for Intermediate Care the service is free for a short time.

Making a referral

You can request support from the team by contacting 01724 297000.

A referral simply means making the team aware of the circumstances of the person who needs support. Anybody can make a referral - you, your family, neighbours, a GP, district nurse, hospital staff, other professionals or anyone else.

Following a referral, a member of the team will visit you as quickly as possible. They will talk to you about your situation and discuss your needs.  If it is agreed that the team can help you, a care and treatment plan is developed with you.

If you receive services you will get a folder called the ‘Service User Plan’. It will include your support plan and other information. This will show you, team members and your family the progress you are making. All staff visiting you will use your plan to chart your progress and record their visits. Please keep this folder safe. It's yours for as long as you receive our help.

Any information we hold about you is confidential and only shared with others who need to know, such as your GP, and only after you have agreed to this. As your condition improves and your needs change, we will amend your plan accordingly.

Our community support team provides short term help at home. We offer specialist home care services across North Lincolnshire. We support vulnerable adults and older people to help them live independently in their own home and lead a fulfilling life.

We know at times of illness, disability or getting older you may find it difficult to cope. You may be restricted in your ability to undertake your personal care needs. With your consent we will work with you. We can provide rehabilitation and reablement services to help you get back on your feet following stays in hospital, after illness or after discharge from residential care. 

We also offer support to prevent you from being admitted to hospital, respite or residential care. Your family carers may need some support from time to time in a crisis.

We will monitor your progress weekly. When you have achieved your goals we will discuss this with you and reduce our support as necessary, enabling you to regain your independence.

If you require ongoing services at home you will be assessed for a personal budget. You can then spend this money on the most appropriate home care for you. This means you have choice and control on how you are supported.

If you need short term support from the community support team, a care practitioner from adult services or another professional will assess you. They will work with you to identify the support you need. With your consent this is written down in a support plan.  “Assessed” means we talk to you about what you can and cannot do for yourself. We may also talk to other people who know you such as your GP. 

If you find you can't manage after the intermediate care service finishes, or your needs change again, please tell us. We can direct you to more help. We will leave you a contact number in case you need us again in the future. 

Looking after your pets is your responsibility. You will need to make the arrangements for their care while you are in hospital. You may have a neighbour, family member or other friend who can do this. You may prefer to arrange for kennels or a cattery for the time you are away.

We may be able to help you make these arrangements if you need us to. This is on the understanding that the council cannot accept responsibility for any costs incurred (except in exceptional circumstances).

If you have a family member staying in Sir John Mason house you can contact them by calling 01724 298444.

If you feel that you would benefit from intermediate care please follow the referral process above by calling 01724 297000.

If you want to contact the De Lacy Community Wellbeing Hub which is based at Sir John Mason House please call 01652 634554.

Contact details


01724 297000 (including out of hours)

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Church Square
North Lincolnshire
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Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 9am to 5pm

Friday: 9am to 4.30pm

Last updated: 04/01/2018