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Request a Care Assessment

Request a care assessment

A care assessment is an opportunity for us to have a discussion with you, to look at what support would help you remain independent and explore how to meet your care needs. There is no charge for a care assessment.

Anyone is entitled to a care assessment if they feel they need support with care needs or to continue to live independently.

We offer a range of support for adults, including older people. This is detailed on our Services for Adults page. If you feel that you or someone you know needs more support than what is on that page, you can request a care assessment:

Request a care assessment

When your request for a care assessment has been submitted, our Access Team will contact you within one working day. Working days are Monday to Friday.

If you are unable to complete the online request for a care assessment, please contact us on aapcustomersupport@northlincs.gov.uk or 01724 297000.

The care assessment process - what you need to know

When you make contact with us, there is no need to worry. It is just a simple discussion between you and us to explore how we can support you. We will ask you a few basic questions and arrange for your assessment to take place. You could also ask someone else to make initial contact with us on your behalf if you prefer.

 An assessment is a discussion between you and us. Together we will talk through some of the following areas to get a better understanding of your care and support needs and the goals you want to achieve to maintain your wellbeing. The topics we discuss may include:

  • General, physical and mental Health
  • Safety
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Housing
  • The future
  • Money
  • Wellbeing
  • Work
  • Family, social network and support
  • Mental capacity
  • Life story
  • Your home environment

If you are not eligible for social care support from North Lincolnshire Council, we will give you information and advice about what other help is available. If you are eligible, we will work together to create a support plan of your needs.

If you need someone to support you through an assessment you can bring along a carer, friend or family member. Alternatively an independent advocate can be made available if this is appropriate for you. An advocate can help you to get your views heard if you have difficulty doing this without support.

Read our eligibility for care and support pages for more information.

If your assessment identifies you as eligible for social care support, we will work with you to create a support plan. Together we will discuss the kinds of activities and other support that may already be available to you. We will identify any changes which could be made to help you live more independently.

Here are some examples of what might be included in a support plan:

  • Special equipment in your home
  • Activities, clubs and social groups
  • Meals delivered directly to your door

We can offer short term support and long term support. 

Short term support 

Getting well again - Intermediate Care - Following a spell in hospital, Intermediate Care can help by supporting you to stay at home while recovering from injury or illness, leave hospital more quickly following treatment and in some cases prevent the need to be admitted to hospital. 

Long term support 

Following your assessment we will be able to tell you what assistance and support we can offer you to meet your identified social care need.

We can also tell you if we can offer you financial support and how much this will be. This is called a Personal Budget and it is an amount of money that you can use to plan your support and meet your needs.

Social care, unlike health care, is not free. Depending on your financial circumstances, you may be expected to contribute towards the cost of your care. If you do have to contribute, it will only be an amount that you can afford to pay and will be based on your own financial details, for example your income and savings.

We do not charge for:

  • Financial assessments
  • Advice and support about your finances and benefits
  • Services we provide for carers - although we may charge for services we provide to the person you are caring for, depending on their financial circumstances

After your Care Assessment, we will offer to complete a financial assessment to work out how much of that cost the council can cover, and how much you'll need to pay for yourself.

During the financial assessment process, you will be asked to confirm and provide evidence of your income, savings and capital.

It is always recommended that you access Independent Financial Advice

The following pages will give you more information about how you can pay for your care:

Physical disability

We also provide information and support for adults with a physical disability. You can also complete an assessment online:

Complete a physical disability assessment   

When your physical disability assessment has been submitted, our Access Team will contact you within one working day. Working days are Monday to Friday. The Access Team does not work on bank holidays or weekends.      

If you are unable to complete the online physical disability assessment, please contact us on aapcustomersupport@northlincs.gov.uk or 01724 297000.

Care and support jargon buster 

If you are not sure what some of the terms used in care and support mean, visit the Care and Support Jargon Buster page on the Think Local, Act Personal website. It is a plain English guide to the most commonly used social care words and phrases.

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