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Health and Healthy Lifestyle

Health and Healthy Lifestyle

  • Public Health in North LincolnshireOn 1 April 2013, responsibility for improving the health and wellbeing of our local population returned to the local authority after a period of almost 30 years.
  • Alcohol - Sensible DrinkingInformation and guidance about how to drink sensibly and where to access support for alcohol misuse
  • Free NHS Health ChecksInformation about Free NHS Health Checks in North Lincolnshire
  • Healthy children and young peopleInformation on health and healthy lifestyles for children and young people.
  • Healthy EatingInformation about health eating and where to access advice and support
  • Mental Health and Emotional Well-beingInformation and guidance about mental health and emotional well-being, including support services available
  • Physical ActivityKeeping fit in North Lincolnshire - information on why, how and where to undertake physical activity, exercise, sport and fitness opportunities in our area
  • Pregnancy and Baby HealthInformation, advice and guidance about pregnancy and baby health
  • Sexual HealthInformation and advice about sexual health and support services in North Lincolnshire
  • Stop smokingInformation and support on stopping smoking in North Lincolnshire
  • Winter HealthInformation and advice about winter health and staying warm
  • Workplace HealthInformation about workplace health and the opportunities in North Lincolnshire to support employees health and well-being
  • Managing a long-term health conditionInformation about the Expert Patients Programme
  • Summer Health Information and advice on summer health, helping you ensure you have a safe and care-free summer
  • Mental health and older peopleInformation and tips on improving the mental health of older people.
  • Falls PreventionThere were over 500 emergency admissions to hospital for hip fractures as a result of a fall in 2013/14 in North Lincolnshire. See our advice on how you can help reduce the risk of falls.
  • Suicide preventionThis local Suicide Prevention Strategy reflects the latest national information, evidence and guidance on improving mental health and preventing suicide for the population.
  • Public health campaignsInformation about local and national public health campaigns taking place in North Lincolnshire.
  • Men's healthMen's health
  • Make Every Contact CountMake Every Contact Count is about the wider aspect of changing the public's lifestyle and behaviour to improve their health.
  • Defibrillators in North Lincolnshire Locations of publicly accessible defibrillators in North Lincolnshire.
  • North Lincolnshire Healthy Lifestyle ServiceSupport in one place for local people with a range of lifestyle and wellbeing issues.
  • DementiaHow to reduce your risk of developing dementia
  • Substance misuseInformation for those experiencing problems with drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Infant mental healthBabies develop positive mental health through receiving consistently responsive and loving care which teaches them that the world is a safe place.