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Integrated Service for Disabled Children

Children with disabilities and their families

The Integrated Service for Disabled Children carries out holistic assessments of need. It provides a range of specialist support services to children and young people with:

  • severe and complex disabilities

  • learning disabilities

  • those with complex health care needs

We work with disabled children and their families where the primary issue is the impact of the child’s disability on the family. We also work with you if you need specialist multi agency support:

  • with access to universal and targeted services due to the child's level of need

  • if there is a risk of family breakdown due to parents/carers feeling overwhelmed by the demands of caring for a disabled child

  • children with complex health care conditions requiring a co-ordinated package of care across a range of agencies

  • if the child’s welfare and development may be significantly impaired as a result of the child’s disability and/or parenting capacity

Our aim is to provide assessment, co-ordinated support and provision to disabled children and their families. Based on an assessment of need, the service is able to commission a range of external provision. This includes evening and weekend short breaks within universal/mainstream activities. It also includes homecare support services through local Domiciliary Care Agencies. 

All referrals to the ISDC Social Work Services are via a Children’s Services Assessment of Need. 

If you feel that your child has multiple and complex disabilities please contact the Referral Management Team on 01724 296500 to request an assessment.

Alternatively, talk to a professional who knows you and your child well and ask them about an Early Help Assessment. An Early Help Assessment can be completed by any professional working with a child and family. It is used to highlight need and support at the earliest possible point.  

Locally, we have a short breaks for disabled children. This sets out the levels of provision based on the needs of the child. All disabled children registered for short breaks can receive 114 hours of activity per year. This is predominantly provided by Foresight who arrange activities and clubs in a community near you. You can access this without a Children’s Services Assessment or an Early Help Assessment by registering with the External Provision and Short Breaks Team on 01724 407988.  

Contact details

Service Manager Integrated Service for Disabled Children (ISDC)


01724 407988

Oswald House 
74 Oswald Rd 
North Lincolnshire 
DN15 7PG

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 9am to 5pm

Friday: 9am to 4.30pm

Last updated: 16/12/2015
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