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Humber University Technical College

Humber University Technical College

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are new Academies and are state funded schools independent of local authorities. They are typically with 500 to 800 pupils aged between 14 and 18 years.

The Humber University Technical College will specialise in subjects that need modern, technical, industry standard equipment, such as engineering and teach these disciplines alongside business skills and broad general education.

Pupils integrate academic study with practical learning, studying core GCSEs such as Maths and English alongside technical qualifications. UTCs are funded on a comparable basis to other schools.

The Humber region is home to several major power generation companies and the area imports a major proportion of the UK’s energy needs through the gas terminal at Easington and oil refineries at Immingham.

  • Over the next 15 years there will be a massive expansion of the offshore wind turbine industry with an estimated 3,000 turbines to be built in the North Sea.
  • The Humber ports will be at the centre of this energy generation industry and will benefit from both construction and maintenance work.
  • The national grid will also need to develop to ensure effective delivery of electricity across the UK.

As we generate and distribute more power there is an ongoing need for young people to understand the career and employment opportunities through the power and energy sectors.

The Humber University Technical College will play a major role in preparing young people in the region for both these and other opportunities in industry.

The proposed UTC will provide progression routes into higher education or further learning in work, including apprenticeships.

Students attending the Humber University Technical College will follow a typical working day in industry, starting at 8.30am and finishing 5pm.

Homework will be completed at school before students leave at the end of the day. The school year will cover 40 weeks.

Year 10 and Year 12 students can attend, so this means anyone currently in Year 9 or 11 can apply now for next year.

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UTCs are all ability, faith (or non-faith) and mixed gender schools. They cannot be academically selective. The admissions policy of a UTC must be fair, transparent and in accordance with the School Admission Code (see DfE website for further details).

UTCs must also have regard to the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. The proposed UTC will be accessible to pupils across the Humber region but distance of travel will obviously be a key consideration depending upon its location.

UTCs have to be sponsored by a university and a lead employer working with local providers including;

  • North Lincolnshire Council
  • North Lindsey College
  • University of Hull
  • Local and national businesses

The ethos and curriculum are designed by the university, employers and other providers such as North Lindsey College who have strengths in the UTC’s specialist subjects of power generation and distribution.

Behind any UTC is a company – an Academy Trust. The company is made up of members and directors, neither of whom is paid.

  • The members are the legal owners and have a strategic role in running the UTC and ultimate control of the company.
  • Directors will be responsible for the day-to-day management and governance of the UTC through a Principal and senior management team.

The management structure will not be dissimilar to many present schools and academies with heads of subjects and teams of teachers.

A key factor in the development of the Humber University Technical College (UTC) proposal is the involvement of employers. This ensures the skills taught at the UTC are relevant to the demands of the jobs that our young people will eventually have.

To this end we have been working with local, national and international employers to develop the specialist skills required. We will continue to involve employers in the development of the Humber University Technical College.

Some employers will be a part of the curriculum development, some will assist with governance structure of the UTC, and some will offer apprenticeships and other practical areas of support.

Humber UTC

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Last updated: 13/10/2014