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Taxis, Transport and Street Activities

Taxis, Transport and Street Activities

  • Charity CollectionsIt is illegal to hold a street collection or house to house collection without a permit from the council. There is no charge for this permit
  • Small Bus PermitsA small bus permit is necessary so that voluntary groups and other bodies can charge or accept a form of remuneration for providing transport for their own members
  • Taxi DriversAnyone wanting to drive a hackney carriage or a private hire vehicle must have a taxi drivers licence
  • Hackney Carriage - Private Hire Vehicle - Operator - TransfersHere you will find what is required to licence a vehicle, become an operator and transfer a vehicle to another person
  • Supplementary fee and replacement door panelsHere you can pay for your supplementary fee and fee for replacement door panels (1 or 2) on line
  • Street TradingAny person wishing to trade on the streets of North Lincolnshire requires a licence or consent. Downloadable application form available here
  • Street Activities/Authorisations/Tables and ChairsAny person of business who wishes to place or do anything on , in or over the highway which causes an obstruction is required to apply for a permission from the council
  • Boat LicencesIf you want to use a boat or other craft on the UKs rivers and canals, you must register, buy a licence or pay a toll to the appropriate authority.
  • Taxi Drivers Penalty PointsTaxi Drivers Penalty Points