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Licensing policies

Licensing policies

There are several policies in place to guide us when we consider licence applications.

These policies can also help applicants when considering applying for a licence.

North Lincolnshire Council, acting as the licensing authority, has a duty to comply with its obligations under Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and the Licensing Act 2003 in respect of Crime and Disorder.

Cumulative Impact Policy [PDF, 551Kb]

The statement of principles will guide us when we consider licence applications covering:

  • Adult gaming centres
  • Betting (including tracks)
  • Bingo
  • Casinos
  • Family entertainment centres
  • Gaming machine/prize gaming permits
  • Temporary use notices
  • Occasional use notices
  • Registration of small lotteries

Gambling Policy [PDF, 476Kb]

The licensing policy will guide us when we consider licence applications covering:

  • Provision of regulated entertainment
  • Retail sale of alcohol 
  • Performance of a play
  • Showing of a film
  • Indoor sporting events
  • Boxing or wrestling
  • Provision of refreshment between 11pm and 5am
  • Supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to a member or their guest

 Licensing Policy [PDF, 630Kb]

Recent changes brought about by the Police and Crime Act 2009 now provide additional regulatory powers to local authorities in respect of sex establishments.

Previous legislation permitted the regulation of sex shops and sex cinemas but made no provision for the regulation of adult entertainment venues providing entertainment that includes lap dancing, pole dancing, striptease or other similar activities.

The change in the law means that such adult entertainment venues are now included within the classification of a Sex Establishment.

Sex Establishment Policy [PDF, 464Kb]

The Street Trading, Activities and Collections Policy will guide us when we consider applications covering:

  • Street trading
  • Street collections
  • House to house collections
  • Highways Act 1980 (provisions of information and tables and chairs)
  • Street activities

Street Trading, Activities and Collections Policy [PDF, 10Mb]

The primary legislation relating to Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing is contained in the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 and the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976.

The aim of the policy is to ensure the safety and welfare of the population who live and work in North Lincolnshire, while recognising the importance of the businesses to the local economy.

Taxi Licensing Policy [PDF, 1Mb ]

Testing and Inspection Standard [PDF, 970Kb]

Guidance on determining the suitability of applicants and licensees in the hackney and
private hire trades May 2018 [PDF, 778Kb]

The Enforcement Policy provides guidance to officers, businesses and the general public on the range of options that are available to achieve compliance with legislation enforced by North Lincolnshire Council Technical and Environment Services.

Our primary objective is to achieve regulatory compliance. We recognise that prevention is better than cure, but where it becomes necessary to take formal action against a business, or member of the public, we will do so. There is a wide range of tools available to us as an enforcement agency, with prosecution being the most serious. We will always choose an enforcement method that is relevant and proportionate to the offence or contravention. We will also take account of an individual’s or a business’s past history when making our decision.

The policy is built around a process of escalation. We will only prosecute in circumstances where a defendant had acted wilfully and where their actions are likely to cause material loss or harm to others, or where they have ignored or are likely to ignore, written warnings or formal notices, endangered, to a serious degree, the health, safety or well being of people, animals or the environment, or assaulted or obstructed an officer in the course of their duties.

Enforcement Policy [PDF, 74Kb]

The aim of this policy is to set out how we will regulate and deal with applications for Scrap Metal Dealers issued in accordance with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

This policy will guide us when we applications for both site and collectors licences.

Scrap Metal Policy [PDF, 304Kb]

We are currently consulting on the following draft policies:

Consultation closes on 30 September 2018. Any comments received after that date may not be taken into consideration.

Comments on revised policy can be made to:


Licensing Department
PO Box 42
Church Square House
DN15 6XQ

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