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Commercial Activities and other

Commercial Activities and other

  • Cooling TowersBusiness premises with either large cooling towers or evaporative condensers(usually part of an air conditioning plant)must have the structures registered with the council. Register here.
  • SkinA person running a business of skin piercing has to be registered . Skin piercing is a general term that covers: Acupuncture, Cosmetic piercing, Semi-permanent skin colouring, electrolysis, tattooing
  • Scrap MetalAnyone trading in scrap metal will be required to obtain a licence in order to carry on business as a Scrap Metal Dealer. Application for a site or collectors licence available here
  • Pre-Application Advice Service Pre-Application Advice Service
  • Selective licensingSelective licensing aims to address the impact of poor quality private sector rented housing, rogue landlords and anti-social tenants. It is being considered for parts of Scunthorpe.