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Animal Welfare and Licensing

Animal Welfare and Licensing

  • Animal BoardingFor businesses that want to board cats and dogs for the general public require a licence. Downloadable application or apply online available
  • Dangerous Wild Animals LicenceAnyone who wants to keep a classified dangerous wild animal at their home must hold a licence issued by the council. Licences are issued subject to specialised and strict conditions.
  • Dog Breeding LicenceA licence is required by anyone who keeps a bitch at any premises, where the bitch has a litter of puppies and four or more other litters are born to bitches kept by the person
  • Home BoardingA person who wishes to carry on the business of providing accommodation for other people's dogs within a private home require a licence
  • Sale of Animals LicenceAny premises selling animals as domestic pets or for ornamental purposes needs a Sale of Animals Licence, formerly known as a Pet Shop Licence.
  • Riding Establishment LicenceAny person that provides horses for hire or riding instruction for money must hold a riding establishment licence
  • Zoo LicenceAny place where animals are kept for exhibition to the public (other than for the purpose of a circus or a pet shop) requires a licence
  • Animal Establishment LicensingNew government regulations that came into effect on 1 October 2018 will replace existing licensing regimes and registrations for certain animal licences.