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Local land charges register

Local land charges register

The register contains ‘charges’ made against land or property being sold or transferred.

Most people use the Local land charges register when they are buying or selling a house.

In many cases searches will be dealt with by your solicitor, although a personal search can also be made.

The register consists of 52 parts which are divided into parishes with Sections Part 1 to 12 in alphabetical street order.

The register is updated on a daily basis as and when new charges/amendments are submitted.

The following types of information or 'charges' are found in the register:

  • Advance payments code notices
  • Ancient monuments
  • Closing orders
  • Conservation areas
  • Demolition orders
  • Enforcement notices
  • Financial charges
  • Government oil-pipeline
  • Grade II listed buildings
  • Improvement grants
  • Land compensation
  • Planning permissions
  • Road agreements
  • Section 106 agreements
  • Sites of special scientific interest
  • Smoke control orders
  • Tree preservation orders

There are also other registers available for inspection.

This is a public register which shows all land/property which is registered as common land in the North Lincolnshire area.

Commons Registration searches are submitted to the land charges office on behalf of prospective purchasers via their solicitor.

  • Commons registration search is now additional enquiry No: 22 on the CON29 (O) Form

This register can be viewed free of charge and is held at:

North Lincolnshire Council
Church Square House
DN15 6NL

A search through the Local Land Charges Register is requested by a purchaser to reveal the existence of obligations or 'charges' made against successive owners of land or property by local authorities or central government.

In addition to the registered 'charges' the search will reveal any impending notices which will become binding upon a new purchaser upon completion and may also provide any relevant local plan or building regulation information relating to the area being searched.

All relevant information is collated from various different council departments and then completed by the land charges team onto the appropriate form. It is vital that the information given on local searches is accurate at all times.

Note: A fee is charged for this service

Local searches are submitted to the council on behalf of prospective purchasers via their Solicitor, although a personal search may also be requested.

The Land Charges Registers are held in paper format. These are available for viewing by individuals or their representatives but a basic knowledge of the Personal Search system and the Local Land Charges Register is necessary in order to carry out a personal search.

It is the responsibility of the person carrying out the search to inspect the records provided to retrieve the required information.

The Council does not provide written information and will not respond to requests for verbal information. Personal Searchers must be equipped to write down the information they require.

This authority is not liable for any information that is taken down incorrectly by a Personal Searcher.

Note: There is no fee charged for this service.

You need to make an appointment to make a personal search. One hour appointments are allocated to each Personal Search Company allowing them to carry out as many searches as they wish.

24 hours notice for appointments is normally required but during quiet periods, this is not necessary

The office opening hours for personal searches are:

  • 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm, Monday to Thursday
  • 9am to 12pm Friday
For more information on the process please read our Guidance for personal search [PDF, 32Kb]


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