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Local authority search fees

Local authority search fees

Local Land Charges search fees will be as follows from 1 January 2017:

Domestic and residential properties


Standard search fee for an official certificate and enquiries

(LLC1 and CON29)

The total for the certificate and enquiries is £108.

This is made up of £30 for the LLC1 and £65 plus £13 VAT for the CON29.

LLC1 only


CON29 only

£65 plus £13 VAT

Additional parcels

£15 each (inclusive of VAT)

Part II enquiries


Additional enquiries

To be assessed and quoted for individually

CON29O optional enquiries

Currently enquiries 4 to 22 when submitted with full search.

£15 plus £3 VAT per question

CON29O only

£15 plus £3 VAT per question

Plus a £10 admin fee (inclusive of VAT)

Commercial and industrial premises and land


The standard fees set out above, plus an hourly rate fee, if the search process is estimated to exceed the normal timescale.

When applicable, the Local Land Charges Team will advise of the fee required, calculated at £70 per hour (inclusive of VAT).

PLEASE NOTE: Any searches received by North Lincolnshire Council from 1 January 2017 must have the amended fees above included.  

Any received on that date, even if pre-dated at the end of 2016, will be returned until the correct fee is provided. 

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