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Business security advice

Business security advice

Crimes committed against businesses can have a high cost. Stock and equipment can be lost, premises can be damaged and it can have a negative mental, and in some cases physical effect on your employees' health.

In the long run it is often customers who end up bearing the cost of business crime, so it makes sense for companies to prevent crime where possible.

There are a range of preventative measures that can be taken. The most appropriate measures for your business will depend on many different factors such as:

  • the nature of the business
  • location
  • operating hours

Safer Neighbourhoods Partnership

North Lincolnshire Business Association (NLBA) represents the views of businesses in North Lincolnshire to the Safer Neighbourhoods Partnership.

The NLBA has been awarded a Safer Business Award in recognition that it has met the accepted standards for the management and operation of business crime reduction partnerships.

Business security

There are several sources of help available to businesses interested in reducing crime:

Reporting crime

You should report crimes to the police, no matter how small they seem. As well as being able to investigate, it also allows the police to build a true picture of where and when crime takes place. This allows them to target policing at the areas that need it the most.

You can can Humberside Police in the following ways:

  • 101 - Single non-emergency telephone number
  • 999 - Emergencies only
  • 0800 555 111- Crimestoppers

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