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Who pays Council Tax?

Who pays Council Tax?

Normally the person or persons living in the property (the liable persons) will pay the Council Tax. It must be their sole or main residence and they must be over 18 years of age.

What if there are two adults living at the property?

If two or more people have the same interest in the property then they are jointly liable. For example, if they are:

  • joint owner
  • joint tenants
  • married or living together as though married; or have a civil partnership

What if the property is empty?

If the property is empty, or it is no-one's main home, the owner is responsible for the bill.

When else does the owner pay?

The owner is also responsible

  • where the property is occupied by more than one household
  • where the residents pay rent separately for different parts of the dwelling
  • where the households share cooking or washing facilities

If you live in a dwelling where the owner is liable you do not have to pay the Council Tax bill but they may ask you to pay something towards the bill, depending on the terms of your agreement with them.

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Last updated: 04/09/2017