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Enabling inclusion - reasonable adjustments for employees

Enabling inclusion - reasonable adjustments for employees

North Lincolnshire Council is committed to supporting employees in the workplace by meeting specific needs and making reasonable adjustments as required.

We have produced guidance, toolkits and resources to support understanding and advance equality of opportunity in employment.

The guidance covers specific needs relating to disabled employees and employees with a health condition or impairment, issues relating to the needs of older employees (who have acquired impairment through age), employees going through menopause and employees with specific needs relating to their religion or belief.

Toolkit 1 provides more than 50 examples of reasonable adjustments - explaining which employees might benefit.

Toolkit 2 provides a series of two page summaries. Each one covers a particular impairment (disability), condition or issue and provides information, signposting and examples of reasonable adjustments that might be relevant in each case.

Employee inclusion resources

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