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Diversity - our approach, strategy and policy

Diversity - Our approach, strategy and policy

Our ‘MAPID’ framework sets out the council’s approach and commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and the integral role EDI has meeting organisational development, workforce and customer needs.

‘MAPID’ stands for:

Mainstreaming (about our organisation)

Action on our unconscious bias (about individuals – customers, communities and employees) and

Processes that work (about reviewing why we do and what impact is has for our customers) to achieve

Inclusion and Diversity

We believe we have a responsibility to work on embedding diversity and inclusion in all relevant areas and that responsibility is wider than the requirement of current legislation. In our practice, we actively work to engage; identify and remove barriers to inclusion (to advance equality of opportunity.) We recognise that taking action on unconscious bias is an important way we can best ensure that we do not unfairly discriminate on any grounds.

Read more about our approach to Diversity and Inclusion in our Diversity and inclusion policy statement and strategy [PDF, 189Kb].

Further information and web links about unconscious bias are available within our MAPID business case page.

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