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Money Advice

Money Advice

The North Lincolnshire Financial Inclusion Group have created the Pocket contact Guide leaflet to provide you with information on where to find free help and assistance relating to money worries and much more:

If you have money issues, there are many organisations offering free and independent advice over the telephone, online or face-to-face.

They can help you work out the best way to deal with your money problems and answer any questions you have.

If you are having trouble paying back money you owe, you can see your options for paying off your debts on GOV.UK. 

Free financial health check

Whatever the situation with your finances, it's good to know where you stand and that you are making the most of what you have.

The health check, a new online money adviser from the Money Advice Service, is for everyone.

The Money Advice Service is an independent advice organisation, here to help everyone understand and manage their money better.

Get a free financial health check

A credit union is a saving and lending co-operative, democratically owned and run by its members.

It offers ethical and convenient savings and affordable loans facilities to its members.

Any profits from the business are repaid to the members as a dividend. 

The Association of British Credit Unions Ltd (ABCUL)

The Association of British Credit Unions Ltd (ABCUL) is the leading trade association for credit unions in England, Scotland and Wales.

For more information on help and services provided by the Credit unions visit the ABCUL website.

Alternatively, you can contact your local Credit Union for North Lincolnshire:

North Lincolnshire Credit Union
162 High Street
North Lincolnshire
Dn15 6EH

01724 868888

You may be entitled to receive benefits if you are on a low income or have certain costs to meet because of your personal situation.

To find out what you are entitled to you can check out our benefits pages or call the benefits enquiry line on 0800 88 22 00.

The Local Link offices can help if you are having problems with your housing benefit and council tax benefit and can help you to claim them.

If you are unable to get to one of the Local links, our HomeLink staff can visit you at home and give advice and information on all services provided by the council and its partner services.

Contact details

There are a number of telephone helplines which can provide help and advice about debt problems: 
Last updated: 18/11/2015