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Renewal of vows ceremony

Renewal of vows ceremony

We offer couples the opportunity to renew their marriage vows.

A renewal of marriage vows ceremony can be an opportunity to mark a special anniversary. It can also be a way of celebrating with friends and family after a marriage abroad.

Every vow renewal ceremony is unique. Couples can create their own personal ceremony by selecting preferences from the options available.

The couple can invite special people in their lives to take part in the ceremony. This could include:

  • children
  • original wedding guests
  • friends
  • relatives

The ceremony provides a non-restrictive service where couples can celebrate their marriage whatever their circumstances. They can be any age and married for any length of time. Two people witness the signing of a souvenir certificate of the event.

Ceremonies normally take approximately 40 minutes depending on the number of readings chosen. They can take place in the Civic Centre in either of the ceremony rooms, or the Council Chamber. Ceremonies can also be held in any of North Lincolnshire's approved venues

Ceremonies are secular and do not contain religious references. They are not restricted to couples who live in North Lincolnshire.


Current fees for renewal of vows ceremonies held at the Civic Centre are shown below and include a commemorative certificate. Payment can be made by debit or credit card or by cheque.  Please note that we do not take cash payments.

Ceremony Room One (capacity 20 people)

  • Monday to Thursday: £110
  • Friday: £130
  • Saturday: £150

Ceremony Room Two (capacity 60 people)

  • Monday to Thursday: £230
  • Friday: £270
  • Saturday: £300

Council Chamber (capacity 120 people)

  • Saturdays only: £330

Ceremonies held in approved venues

  • Monday to Thursday: £320
  • Friday: £335
  • Saturday: £410
  • Sundays and bank holidays: £460

All ceremony charges include VAT at 20 per cent.

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Saturday: 10am to 4pm

Last updated: 26/03/2018