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Re-registering a birth

Re-registering a birth

What is a re-registration of a birth and how do you apply?

Re-registration allows for the father's details to be included after an initial registration has been made. This is done by making a new record of the birth.

There are two types of re-registration:

Re-registration following the marriage of the child's natural parents

This makes a new record of your child's birth. It shows the child to be legitimated by your marriage. Only one parent needs to attend to re-register. To apply to re-register after marriage you must complete a LA1: Application to re-register a child’s birth following marriage of natural parents. This is also available from your local register office.

Re-registration to add the father’s details where they were not included in the original entry

This makes a new record of your child's birth and includes the natural father's details. The mother and father must attend to give joint information for this re-registration (except in special cases). To apply to re-register your child and add the father's details, you must complete an GRO 185: Application to re-register a child’s birth and add the natural father's detailsThis is also available from your local register office.

Once the form is completed, you should contact the Register Office where the child was originally registered to make an appointment to re-register. Some cases may need to be referred to the Registrar General but most can be dealt with locally.

You will be asked to bring other documents with you when you attend, for example:    

  • The child’s original birth certificate   
  • Your marriage certificate    
  • Any other requested documents

The new record of your child's birth will be made at the Register Office for the district in which your child was born. If you prefer, you can attend any Register Office in England or Wales and re-register by declaration. This means that a registrar from that office will interview you and send the details to the correct office that will make the new entry on your behalf.

For more information please contact the North Lincolnshire Register Office on registrars@northlincs.gov.uk or 01724 298555.

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Last updated: 01/02/2017