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Collection dates and missed bin or box collections

Collection dates and missed bins or boxes

Your bin and box collections

To find details of the next five collections of each container type, please enter any part of your address here and use the scroll bar and 'more results' button to find your property. 

Bank holidays

Over bank holiday periods your waste and recycling collection dates may vary. Please check your collection dates carefully to make sure you don't miss your collection.

What can I put in my bins, boxes and bags?

Visit our bins, boxes and bags page to find out what you can put in them.

Putting your bin out for collection

Please put your wheeled bins, boxes, textile bag and small electrical items out by 7am at the edge of the property on your collection day.

We provide an assisted collection service for residents who are unable to put their bins, boxes and bags out for collection.

Returning your bin/boxes

Please return your empty bins and boxes to your property after they are collected.  Do not leave your bin on the road or pavement. Under the Highways Act 1980 it is an offence to obstruct the highway, including the pavement.

Reporting a missed bin or box collection

Before you report a missed collection, remember to ask yourself:

  • Were my bins and boxes out by 7am?

  • Did I put my bins and boxes out on the right day?

  • Was my collection day affected by a bank holiday this week?

  • Had I put the right things in my bins and boxes?

Please do not report a missed bin until after 4pm on your collection day, unless your neighbours either side have had their bins emptied. Our crews can still collect until 6pm.

If you still believe that your bin or box has not been collected through no fault of your own, please complete our online form and we will investigate this fully:

Report a missed bin or box collection

Replacement collection calendars

We provide collection calendars to each household. You can request a replacement online:

Request a collection calendar

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